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Biodine Iodine Surgical Scrub tub and bottle

Povidone-iodine 7.5%, equivalent to 0.75% available iodine, in a solution


A bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal and virucidal cleanser.


For pre-surgical washing by operating personnel or application to the skin of patients.


Directions for Use:

Pre-operative washing by operating personnel

Wet hands with water, then pour 3.5ml of the Biodine Scrub and spread over both hands. Rub the Biodine Scrub thoroughly over all areas for at least 2 minutes. A brush should be used at least once, particularly during the first pre-operative wash of the day. Clean thoroughly under the fingernails, and develop copious suds. Rinse thoroughly under running water.


Pre-operative use on patients

After the skin is shaved, wet it with water, then apply Biodine Scrub (1ml is sufficient to cover 125-200 sq. cms of skin) and rub thoroughly for 2 minutes. Develop a lather with sterile gauze saturated with water, then rinse off area. May be then painted with Biodine Antiseptic and allowed to dry.


Routine surgery and medical procedures

Wet hands with water, then apply 3.5ml of Biodine Scrub over both hands and rub thoroughly for 20-30 seconds. Develop copious suds with additional water, rinse thoroughly. Use whenever prophylactic anti-infective action is indicated.


Other Information:
Store in a dry place below 30°C.

Safety Data Sheet available upon request

Biodine Surgical Scrub

    • Povidone-iodine 7.5%, equivalent to 0.75% available iodine, in a solution.
    • Available in 500mL, 4L pump pack or refill, and 20L plastic bottles.


    Product codes:

    • 500mL - F503
    • 4L refill - F507R
    • Pump for 4L pack- ILP4ml
    • 20L - F505
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