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Equi-gold Calcivite Plus tubs. A supplement to support optimum bone and muscle development in horses.

What is Equi-Gold Calcivite Plus for?

A mineral supplement for bone and muscle development in horses.


How does Equi-Gold Calcivite work?
Equi-Gold Calcivite is formulated to supply a balanced source of calcium and phosphorus plus selected vitamins and additional minerals to supplement the diet for optimum bone and muscle development in horses.



All Horses In WorkOn Grain Diets90g daily
 Non Grain Diets  60g daily
Ponies or Horses Spelling 30g daily
Pregnant Mares and Yearlings 120g daily
Lactating Mares 150g daily
Stallions and Empty Mares 90g daily
Weanlings 60–120g daily
Foals 3 Months 15g daily
Foals 6 Months 30g daily

Special Precautions:
Not to be given to sheep.

Other Information:
Store in a dry place below 25°C. Replace lid tightly after use.

Equi-Gold Calcivite Plus

  • Equi-Gold Calcivite Plus supports optimum bone and muscle development in horses.

    A white, palatable powder containing:

    • calcium 308g/kg
    • phosphorous 46g/kg
    • sodium chloride 10g/kg
    • folic acid 526mg/kg
    • sodium fluoride 4mg/kg
    • sulphur 30g/kg
    • vitamin A 210,000i.u./kg
    • vitamin D3 3000i.u./kg
    • inositol 80mg/kg
    • magnesium oxide 45mg/kg
    • iodine 25mg/kg
    • iron 967mg/kg
    • organic zinc 1.5g/kg
    • organic copper 528mg/kg
    • organic manganese 840mg/kg
    • organic cobalt 54mg/kg

    Available in 1.5kg, 3kg and 18kg plastic pails.


    Product codes:

    • 1.5kg - VE510
    • 3kg - VE512
    • 18kg - VE514
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