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Grand Calm pot. Calming supplement for nervous, spooky or excitable horses. Contains magnesium and theanine.

What is Grand Calm for?
Grand Calm helps control nervousness in horses that are tense, spooky and inattentive.


How does Grand Calm work?
Grand Calm contains multiple different sources of magnesium to provide maximum bioavailability which broaden the effects of the magnesium. We've also included L-Theanine as it is a key precursor to the synthesis of glutamine.


Pots - Adult horse (500kg): 28.5g/day.


Other Information:
Store in a cool, dry place below 25°C. Replace lid tightly after use.

Grand Meadows Grand Calm

  • Riding and preparing your horse for a casual trail ride, exercise and training, or participating in a show should be fun for you and your horse. Grand Calm is designed to provide nutritional support to maintain the right balance of nutrients for your horse.


    For Grand Calm pots each 28.5g dose contains magnesium sources:

    • magnesium oxide 4,480mg
    • magnesium carbonate 1,032mg
    • magnesium chelate 200mg
    • organic magnesium 50mg


    Comes in

    • 2.2kg pot (80 doses)
    • 4.5kg pot (160 doses)
    • 9.09kg pot (320 doses)



    All ingredients are exempt from any FEI restrictions.


    Available from your local horse supply shop or veterinarian


    Product codes:

    • 2.27kg - GM011005
    • 4.54kg - GM011010
    • 9.09kg - GM011020
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