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Grand Meadows Grand Flex pot. Joint supplement for horses. Contains glucosamine and co-factors

What is Grand Flex for?
Grand Flex was designed to provide a powerful tool to help support your horse's joints fit and sound. Helps manage joint stress and support joint health.


How does Grand Flex work?
Grand Flex combines glucosamine with important co-factors to support not only joints but associated tendons and ligaments giving a much more comprehensive solution. Glucosamine is used by chondrocytes for the maintenance of articular cartilage. The co-factors help the synthesis of cartilage matrix.


Adult horse (500kg): 28.5g/day.

(Scoop included in pot)


Other Information:
Store in a cool dry place below 25°C. Replace lid tightly after use.

Grand Meadows Grand Flex

  • Supplement to support your horse's joints and associated tendons and ligaments.


    Ingredients in each 28.35g dose:

    • Glucosamine HCl 5,000mg
    • Vitamin C 5,000mg
    • Methionine 3,000mg
    • Manganese 250mg
    • Zinc 200mg
    • Lysine 200mg
    • Vitamin B3 150mg
    • Niacin 150mg
    • Bioflavonoids 100mg
    • Proline 80mg
    • Copper 50mg


    Available in 1.7kg (60 doses), 4.54kg (160 doses) and 9.09kg (320 doses) packs.


    Product codes:

    • 1.7kg - GM060375
    • 4.54kg - GM061000
    • 9.09kg - GM062000
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