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Grand H.A. pot. Horse joint supplement with high level of hyaluronic acid, also contains collagen & chondroitin sulfate.

What is Grand H.A. for?
Grand H.A. helps to nourish, lubricate and supports joints for horses in intense training or high level competition. Can be combined with Grand Flex or Mega Grand Flex to maximise results.


How does Grand H.A. work?
Grand H.A. provides 300mg of Hyaluronic Acid per serving, the highest available in Grand Meadow joint products. Hyaluronic acid, which is the chief component of synovial fluid, cushions and lubricates the joints. It plays an important role in increasing the viscosity of synovial fluid and reducing friction between articular surfaces.


Grand H.A. contains Kolla II® a US patented ingredient which provides a matrix of HA molecules at 1/90th of their original size, along with type II collagen and depolymerized chrondroitin sulfate. The combination of these three ingredients match the natural structure found in articular cartilage.


Adult horse (500kg): 28.5g/day.
(Scoop included in pot)


Other Information:
Store in a cool, dry place below 25°C. Replace lid tightly after use.

Grand Meadows Grand H.A.

  • Joint support supplement containing high levels of Hyaluronic Acid.


    Ingredients in each 28.5g dose:

    • Hyaluronic acid 300mg
    • Type II collagen 1,000mg
    • Depolymerised chondroitin sulphate 350mg


    Comes as a powder in 1.7kg (60 dose), 4.54kg (160 doses) or 9.09kg (320 doses) pots.


    Available from your local horse supply shop or veterinarian


    Product codes:

    • 1.7kg pot GM063375
    • 4.5kg pot GM063010
    • 9.09kg pot GM063020
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