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Grand Meadows Grand Tranquility for Dogs

What is Grand Tranquility for?

To promote relaxation and help reduce hyperactivity. 

Helps to maintain your dog's normal disposition

Helps reduce irritability.

Assists with stress or anxiety from travel

Helps your dog cope with stressful situations such as Guy Fawkes


How does Grand Tranquility work?
Grand Tranquility calms dogs using a combination of calming ingredients that help keep dogs more relaxed.


Grand Meadows Grand Tranquility for Dogs

  • Anti-stress formula for dogs in beef-flavoured chewable tablets.

    Ingredients include chamomile, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, magnesium, niacin and folic acid.

    Comes in pottles containing 60 tablets.

    Available from your local pet supply shop or veterinarian

    Product code: GM091060

  • Bodyweight Initial dose Maintenance dose 
    9 -18kg 1 tablet daily 0.5 tablet daily
    18 - 27kg 2 tablets daily 1 tablet daily
    Over 27kg 3 tablets daily 1.5 tablets daily


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