Vial of Kelacef, ceftiofur HCl 50mg/mL in a suspension for injection into cattle and pigs.

Ceftiofur 50mg/mL (as hydrochloride) in a suspension for injection into cattle and pigs.


Ceftiofur is a broad-spectrum, third generation cephalosporin antibiotic, active against both Gram+ve and Gram-ve bacteria. Ceftiofur interferes with cell wall synthesis leading to cell lysis, and is resistant to beta-lactamases.



  • Treatment of bacterial respiratory diseases associated with Pasteurella haemolytica (Mannheimia spp.), Pasteurella multocida and Haemophilus somnus.
  • Treatment of acute interdigital necrobacillosis (panaritium, foot rot) associated with Fusobacterium necrophorum and Bacteroides melaninogenicus (Porphyromonas asaccharolytica).
  • Treatment of the bacterial component of acute post-partum (puerperal) metritis within 10 days of calving associated with bacterial organisms sensitive to ceftiofur.

Treatment of bacterial respiratory disease associated with Pasteurella multocida, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Streptococcus suis.


Not for use in bobby calves. Do not administer to animals previously found to be hypersensitive to ceftiofur and other beta-lactam antibiotics. Do not inject intravenously.


The low toxicity of ceftiofur has been demonstrated in pigs using doses in excess of 8x the recommended daily dose intramuscularly administered for 15 consecutive days. In cattle, no signs of toxicity have been observed following substantial parenteral overdosages.


For i/m injection into the anterior half of the neck in pigs and cattle and for s/c injection in cattle. In each case, administer treatments at 24 hour intervals with no more than 10mL being injected at each site. Subsequent injections must be given at different sites.



  • Respiratory disease:
    1mg ceftiofur/kg b.w. for 3 days by s/c injection, ie. 2mL/100kg b.w. Give additional treatments on days 4 and 5 for cattle that do not respond after the first 3 treatments.
  • Acute interdigital necrobacillosis (foot rot):
    1mg/kg b.w. for 3 days by s/c  or i/m injection, ie. 2mL/100kg b.w.
  • Acute post-partum metritis within 10 days of calving:
    2.2mg/kg b.w. for 5 days by s/c or i/m injection, ie. 4.4mL/100kg.


3mg ceftiofur/kg bw for 3 days by i/m injection, ie. 1mL/16kg b.w.

Re-evaluate the diagnosis if no improvement occurs within 3-5 days.


Side Effects:
Hypersensitivity reactions unrelated to dose can occur.


Special Precautions:
Shake the bottle well before use to bring product back into suspension. In case of an allergic reaction withdraw the treatment. Do not use as a prophylaxis in case of retained placenta.


Withholding Times:
MILK: Nil.
MEAT: 2 days after the last treatment.


Other Information:
Store below 25°C. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Protect from light.

Shelf life after first opening the container is 28 days.

Safety Data Sheet available upon request


    • Ceftiofur 50mg/mL (as hydrochloride) in a suspension for injection into cattle and pigs.
    • Available in 100mL vials.


    Product code: 9695


    Restricted Veterinary Medicine: A10848