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Naturaderm Essentials Shampoo bottle. Mild, pleasant smelling, soap free formulation for cats, dogs and horses.

What is Naturaderm Essentials Shampoo?
Mild, pleasant smelling, soap-free shampoo containing no sulphates or parabens. It is ideal for use on dogs, cats and horses of any age, in particular those with sensitive skin or where the pet owner may have a sensitive skin.


Vetderm® Naturaderm Essentials Shampoo is formulated to be suitable for use with long term flea control products.



How to use
Wet your animal’s coat thoroughly with clean, warm water. Apply Vetderm® Naturaderm Esssentials Shampoo to several places. Avoid the animal’s eyes and ears. Depending on the size of the animal, at least 20mL is recommended. Gently massage into the coat before rinsing off and drying thoroughly


Other Information:
Store below 30°C (room temperature). Keep container tightly closed.

Keep out of reach of children.


Naturaderm Essentials Shampoo

    • Gentle mild shampoo containing citrus essential oil fragrance.
    • Comes in 500mL bottles.
    • Available from pet stores and your veterinarian

    Product code: V1015

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