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Vial of Nopaine, lignocaine HCI 20mg/mL. Local anaesthesia or area infiltration in cattle, horses, deer & dogs

Lignocaine HCI 20mg/mL in a clear, colourless, aqueous solution for injection.


Lignocaine decreases the membrane permeability of nerve cells, blocking the diffusion of potassium and sodium ions. This blocks the transmission of nerve impulses and prevents the sensation of pain.


For local and regional anaesthesia or area infiltration in cattle, horses, deer, sheep, and dogs. For diagnostic nerve blockade. For dehorning and de-velveting procedures.


Do not administer intravenously.


Over-dosage results in CNS stimulation, including restlessness and muscle tremor that may progress to chronic convulsions. Toxic doses cause ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest or respiratory failure.


Adapt the dose to each case and to the areas that need to be anaesthetised. Take care not to overdose animals.



CATTLE: Local infiltration up to 150 ml (care with smaller animals). Dehorning 5-10ml (maximum of 10ml/site). Paravertebral 10-20ml per nerve.

DEER: Develveting 5-10ml as required (maximum of 10ml/site, care with smaller animals).

HORSES: Specific nerve blockade 5-10ml as required (maximum of 10ml/site). Local infiltration up to 200ml (care with smaller animals).

SHEEP: Local infiltration up to 25mL.

DOGS: Specific nerve blockade 1-2mL (care with smaller animals)


Side Effects:
None observed at recommended dose rates. Central nervous disturbances such as convulsions and excitement can occur with inadvertent intravenous administration.


Special Precautions:
Give with caution in cases of hepatic insufficiency. Use with caution in animals on beta-adrenergic blocker medications.




Other Information:
Store below 25°C, protect from light.

Keep out of reach of children. For animal treatment only.

Safety Data Sheet available upon request

Nopaine 2%

    • Lignocaine HCI 20mg/mL in a clear, colourless, aqueous solution for injection.


    Product codes: 

    V1034 - 100ml multi-dose vial

    V1037 - 500ml pillowpak



    Restricted Veterinary Medicine: A6597

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