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Simcro Premium STV Forward Selectable bottle mount injector.

Simcro’s innovative, forward selectable injector range are specifically designed for the cattle and swine sectors to provide better dose accuracy and ease of use at low volumes.

The new injector offers the following operator benefits:

  • A comfortable hand span when injecting lower doses, especially for people with smaller hands.
  • Easy priming down to very low doses.
  • A plunger stroke at the front of the barrel for all doses, which also means that if an air bubble enters the system it is far easier to purge, so the injector is ready for operation again.
  • Boilable barrel to ensure thorough cleanliness and sterility after use.
  • External full metal tip for strength, durability and ease of cleaning.

Simcro’s new forward selectable injector comes in a range of styles that allow for use with all bottle sizes and styles and can also be adapted to accommodate a draw-off tube attachment.

Premium Forward Selectable Injectors

  • Simcro forward selectable injector range


    Available in Tube Fed 5 mL and Bottle Mount 2ml.


    Product codes:

    • Forward Selectable Tube Fed Injector 5 mL - VSSE057350-10
    • Forward Selectable Bottle Mount Injector 2 mL - VGSB027350-00
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