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Copper is an essential trace element and cofactor in many enzyme systems. The polysaccharide complex protects the copper from ruminal antagonists such as molybdenum, iron and sulphur, which enables the copper to pass into the small intestine where a predictable level of absorption occurs.


Prevention and treatment of copper deficiency in cattle, especially secondary copper deficiency due to high levels of dietary molybdenum, iron and sulphur.


Do not feed to sheep or related species. Do not use at the same time as other forms of copper.


To avoid the risk of copper toxicity it is recommended that liver copper levels are assessed before commencing treatment. Copper toxicity may occur in cattle with liver damage.


This product supplies 127mg elemental copper/g. Dietary requirements for adult cattle vary between 54–114mg copper/cow/day depending on pregnancy/lactation needs. A dose of 1g of product/cow/day maintains an adequate copper status under most circumstances. The dose may be increased to 2g or 3g/cow/day for a short period when there is a requirement to elevate liver storage levels of copper or when high levels of antagonists are present in the diet.
1kg of product disperses easily in 4L of water and 4mL of this mixture will supply 127mg copper. Daily dosing with 1kg of product is sufficient to treat 1000 cows at the rate of 127mg copper/cow/day.


Special Precautions:
Know the copper status of the herd and seek veterinary advice before deciding on the dose rate. In addition, monitor the copper status of the herd regularly and adjust the daily dose safely up or down, as required. The product is a dusty material and can be an irritant. Wear the enclosed face mask when dispensing the powder.


Withholding Times:


Other Information:
Store in a cool dry place below 30°C.

QT Copper 12.7% for cattle - water dispersible

    • Copper (as an organic polysaccharide complex) 127mg/g, in a light-green, microfine, water-dispersible powder for oral administration to cattle.
    • Comes in 20kg cardboard bags.
    • Available from farm supply stores or veterinarians

    Product code: QT4719GB