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Copper and zinc are essential trace elements and cofactors in many enzyme systems. The polysaccharide complex protects copper and zinc from ruminal antagonists that can impair their bioavailability and absorption.


Treatment and prevention of copper deficiency in cattle, especially secondary copper deficiency, when supplemental zinc is also desirable.


Do not feed to sheep or related species. Do not use at the same time as other forms of copper.


To avoid the risk of copper toxicity assess liver copper levels before commencing treatment. Copper toxicity may occur in cattle with liver damage.


This product supplies 127mg copper and 330mg zinc per 2.5g of powder.
1kg of product disperses easily in 4L of water and 10mL of this mixture provides 127mg copper and 330mg zinc. 1kg of product administered daily will treat 400 cows at a rate of 127mg copper/cow/day and 330mg zinc/cow/day. The mixture may be drenched or added to controlled water delivery systems.


Special Precautions:
Know the copper status of the herd and seek veterinary advice before deciding on the dose rate. In addition, monitor the copper status of the herd regularly and adjust the daily dose safely up or down, as required. The product is a dusty material that can be an irritant. Wear the enclosed face mask when dispensing the powder.


Withholding Times:


Other Information:
Store in a cool dry place below 30°C.

QT Copper / Zinc combo for cattle

    • Copper (as the polysaccharide complex) 127mg/2.5g and zinc 330mg/2.5g, in a light-green, microfine, water dispersible powder.
    • Comes in 20kg cardboard drums.
    • Available from farm supply stores or veterinarians

    Product code: QT5276G

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