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Simcro Sekurus injector.  Two-stage activation mechanism. Can administer single-handed subcutaneous injections

• The design brief included the requirement to enable users to administer single-handed subcutaneous injections reliably, accurately and safely.


• Self-tenting Needle Guard ensures a greater level of user protection and is highly effective on a wide range of animal skin types.
• Needle change is faster and safer.
• Needle damage is significantly reduced, increasing the life of the needle.
• Safer operation in confined spaces such as chutes and cattle crushes.
• Dose is correctly administered in the subcutaneous zone.
• Less invasive to the animal.


• Spiked needle guard grips and tents the animals skin.
• Injector remains stable on moving animals.
• Dose is correctly positioned.

Simcro Sekurus™ Injectors

  • The Sekurus™ range of safety injectors are the result of an exhaustive development process spanning several years that included extensive field trials in several countries. Patented technologies include a two-stage activation mechanism and a self-tenting needle guard.


    Available from farm supply shops and veterinarians


    Selection and product codes:

    • 1ml/2ml selectable (SUSE027350-00)
    • 2ml Quick Attach Bottle Mount 2-stop (SUSQ027350-00)
    • 12ml 20-stop (SUSE127350-00)


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