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Simcro Accurus self-tenting forward selectable injector. Gives ability to perform one-handed, subcutaneous injections

For an animal treatment to be effective it needs to be put in the right place and the correct dose administered. That is where the Accurus self-tenting forward selectable out performs any other injector. The Accurus family of injectors gives the user the ability to perform one-handed, subcutaneous injections. Ensures operator safety while eliminating undue pressure on the animal to activate.

NEEDLE GUARD  The protective needle guard ensures the risk of self-injection is minimised.

FORWARD SELECTABLE The key to efficacy is precision. At low doses, the plunger of a reverse selectable injector is still acting on a full barrel of product. This makes air in the system diffi  cult to purge, as air bubbles compress rather than get expelled out of the barrel. If these bubbles go unnoticed they can lead to multiple under-doses being administered reducing effi  cacy. The injector’s forward selectable confi guration reduces the chance of bubbles in the system and makes them easy to remove, ensuring dose accuracy and the effi  cacy of the treatment


ONE-HANDED SUBCUTANEOUS  INJECTION Administering a one handed subcutaneous injection is far easier and less hazardous for the operator than two handed techniques, particularly in confi ned spaces such as a cattle crush. Accurus was developed to ensure accurate single-handed subcutaneous drug placement. This allows the user to maintain a safer distance from the animal.


SELECTABLE DOSE The injector’s improved value confi guration ensures accurate priming and dose administration at any chosen dose selection. 


THE BENEFIT OF A FULL BARREL SWEEP With a stroke that displaces the entire contents of the barrel at any dose setting, the Accurus Forward Selectable purges bubbles with every injection administered. This innovative design increases the ease of purging and ensures that following doses are administered in full for accuracy and maximum efficacy

Simcro Accurus Injectors

  • Accurus self-tenting forward selectable injector


    Available from farm supply shops and veterinarians


    Product codes:

    • 5ml 10-stop - ACSE057350-01


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