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Tecvit AD3E bottle. Liquid formulation of vitamin A ,vitamin D3 & vitamin E for pigs, sheep, goats, cattle & poultry.

Action: Vitamin A is essential for the preservation of muscosal integrity and reproduction. Vitamin D3 is an essential catalyst in skeletal ossification and helps calcium and phosphorus absorption and fixation. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. It has a protective function on protein structure and cell membranes. 

Indication: For use as a supplement during periods of stress and as an aid in the prevention of certain vitamin deficiencies in pigs, sheep, goats, cattle and poultry. Also to be administered if the animals are not on vitaminised rations.

Toxicity/Overdose/Antidote: Used as directed, this product has not been known to cause any form of toxic reaction.


Added in the drinking water for poultry. Can be given as a monthly drench for the other species indicted and repeated for as long as is required to achieve the desired therapeutic outcome.


Cattle and Pigs2-4mL/100kg b.w.
Sheep and Goats   1mL/10kg b.w.
Broilers100mL/1000 broilers
Layers200mL/1000 layers

Withholding Times: Nil.

Other Information: 

Store in a cool dark place.

Safety Data Sheet available upon request

Tecvit AD3E

    • Vitamin A 101,431,690 i.u./L, vitamin D3 20,260,000 i.u./L, vitamin E 20,260 mg / L in a liquid formulation for oral administration.
    • Available in 1L containers.
    • Product code: 9210
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