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Wiser Concepts Elevate Vitamin E with Selenium

The Elevate family of products is designed to meet your horse’s individual needs.

Elevate Se is formulated specifically for horses that require supplementation with highly bioavailable sources of both vitamin E and selenium. This concentrated formula provides 1,500 IU of natural vitamin E and 1 mg of selenium per 7-gram (1/4-oz) serving.


The ultimate combination: natural vitamin E and organic selenium
Elevate Se contains the same highly beneficial, natural vitamin E that is found in Elevate Powder. Research has shown that vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the equine diet. But not all forms of the vitamin are created equally. Most supplements contain synthetic vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate), which is not as potent as natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol acetate). Compared to synthetic vitamin E, the body can more efficiently transport and deliver natural vitamin E to targeted tissues. Current research in several species, including horses, shows that natural vitamin E is two to three times more potent than synthetic.


Elevate Se is formulated with an organic source of selenium yeast that is more digestible than commonly used inorganic selenium (sodium selenite) (Pagan et al., 1999).  This form of selenium is similar to what horses would consume in a natural grazing situation. Because of its more natural form, horses absorb and retain more organic selenium in their tissues, ensuring it is readily available when needed.

The combination of natural vitamin E and organic selenium yeast found in Elevate Se ensures, in a safe, easy-to-feed and affordable manner, that vitamin E and selenium levels remain where you want them to be.


Which horses need vitamin E and selenium supplementation?

  • Performance horses

As athletic effort increases, free radical production flourishes, and normal stores of antioxidants have difficulty providing protection against the flood of free radicals. Supplementation with natural vitamin E and organic selenium allows performance horses to absorb and retain more of these powerful antioxidants in tissue reserves. 


  • Breeding horses

Vitamin E and selenium help maintain muscle and vascular integrity at the cellular level. Mares supplemented with natural vitamin E and organic selenium produce foals with an improved immunoglobulin status, ensuring a strong neonatal immune system. Vitamin E has been linked with increased libido and semen quality in stallions.


  • Horses without access to fresh pasture and those fed selenium-deficient feedstuffs

Fresh pasture is the greatest source of vitamin E in nature. The vitamin E content of dried forages such as hay and hay cubes is severely diminished upon harvesting and storage. In winter months or throughout periods of stall confinement, such as training, showing, or layup, fresh pasture is often not an option. In such cases horses should be supplemented with a natural vitamin E supplement from the Elevate family.

Selenium content of forages and grains varies depending upon the region. Soils in many parts of New Zealand are deficient in selenium. Most grazing horses in New Zealand which are not hard fed have low blood selenium levels and need supplementation. Many premixed feeds do not supply sufficient levels of selenium. Horses in these areas or horses eating feeds harvested in these areas may need selenium supplementation, especially if they are not being fed a fortified commercial feed at recommended levels. Elevate Se will ensure your horse’s selenium requirements are being met. If you are unsure of your horse’s selenium status, be sure to consult a veterinarian or equine nutritionist before adding supplemental selenium to the diet.



Feed 1 scoop (7grams) mixed in the grain ration of horses



Vitamin E (Min.)   1,500 IU per 7gm     97,500 IU/lb concentration

Selenium (Min.)           1 mg per 7gm     143 ppm concentration


D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (natural vitamin E), selenium yeast and dextrose

Wiser Concepts Elevate Se

  • Elevate Se is formulated specifically for horses that require supplementation with highly bioavailable sources of both vitamin E and selenium.


    Available from your veterinarian


    Product codes:

    • Elevate Se powder 0.91kg: 990006
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