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Wiser Concepts Elevate Vitamin E Concentrate 0.9kg pot

Elevate Concentrate provides a supplemental source of natural vitamin E for all classes of horses.


Elevate natural vitamin E comes in two forms: Elevate® W.S., a fast-acting liquid for use in acute situations, and Elevate® Concentrate, a slower acting powder recommended when long-term supplementation is required.


At 5,000 IU of natural vitamin E per serving, Elevate Concentrate allows you to easily support horses with high vitamin E requirements over long periods of time. Slower acting than its liquid counterpart, Elevate Concentrate takes up to 21 days to reach maximum
levels. Elevate Concentrate is recommended for everyday, long-term, preventive support and as a follow-up to Elevate W.S. supplementation.


When to supplement

Vitamin E requirements vary depending on an individual horse’s age, diet, health, reproductive status, and workload. Vitamin E is an essential component to body-wide
antioxidant defenses.


  • Vitamin E deficiencies. Deficiencies are most often seen in diets consisting exclusively of dried forages or when there is limited access to fresh green pasture, or grazing on winter pasture. Convalescent, easy keepers, laminitic, metabolically challenged or overweight horses are often at higher risk due to diet and housing restrictions.
  • Exercise-induced oxidative stress. The demands of intense training and/or competition increase the likelihood of insufficient antioxidant levels. As athletic effort increases, free radical production flourishes and natural stores of antioxidants have difficulty providing sufficient protection against the flood of free radicals generated. Horses with an inadequate reserve of vitamin E may experience muscle soreness or stiffness during exercise and prolonged recovery following strenuous work.
  • Immune system challenges. During periods of injury, illness, shipping (short and long haul) or relocation, stress levels increase due to physical and emotional challenges.
    During these periods the demand for antioxidants increases.
  • Poor reproductive efficiency in stallions. Vitamin E has been linked with increased libido and semen quality in stallions.
  • Failure of passive transfer (PFPT or FPT) or poor reproductive efficiency in mares. Mares supplemented with natural vitamin E have shown increased passive transfer of antibodies to foals, which ensures the strength of the neonatal immune system


Top dress onto daily grain ration. Each 1-oz (28gm) scoop delivers 5,000 IU of natural vitamin E.


Type of Horse

• Maintenance to moderate exercise: 2,500 IU per day (1/2 scoop)
• Intense competition or training: 2,500-5,000 IU per day (1/2 -1 scoop)
• Broodmares and stallions: 2,500-5,000 IU per day (1/2 -1 scoop)
• To support normal muscle function: 5,000-10,000 IU per day (1-2 scoops)
• To support normal nerve cell function: 5,000-10,000 IU per day (1-2 scoops)

For daily levels above 10,000 IU, consult with your veterinarian.

Wiser Concepts Elevate Vitamin E Concentrate

  • Elevate Concentrate provides a supplemental source of natural vitamin E for all classes of horses.


    Available from your veterinarian


    Product codes:

    • Elevate Concentrate powder 0.91kg: 137305
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