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Wiser Concepts Weightgainwise equine supplement pot 9.1kg

Calorie-rich, high-fat supplement designed to maintain optimal body weight and a healthy appetite.


WeightGainWise is a concentrated blend of easy-to-digest, calorie-dense fats that delivers a safe source of energy. Additional prebiotics and probiotics increase the digestibility of the entire diet and stimulate the appetite in picky eaters. And because we understand that more isn’t always better for some horses, WeightGainWise has been formulated to be fed in small amounts: as little as 227grams per day is all you need.


Recommended for when

  • Horses are struggling to maintain a healthy weight
  • Underweight horses recovering from illness, surgery or injury
  • Older seniors challenged with keeping weight on
  • Hardworking, sport, performance or racehorses
  • Highstrung or otherwise stressed horses


  • Gives a safe source of concentrated energy
  • Supports optimal digestibility of the total ration
  • Stimulates a healthy appetite
  • Supports a calm and focused attitude by reducing the hormone spikes related to excessive intake of simple carbohydrates
  • Sustains healthy metabolism by providing calories low in starch and sugar

Feed 2 scoops (227gm (8 oz)) daily.

For best results, split into two 1-scoop (4 oz) servings.

As with any change in your horse’s diet, we recommend introducing WeightGainWise in small amounts and slowly increasing to the full serving (227gm (8 oz) daily) over a period of a week to 10 days.


Crude Fat (Min.)....................................................................50%
Saccharomyces cerevisiae............................... 9 x 108 CFU/lb
Lactobacillus acidophilus................................ 5 x 107 CFU/lb
Enterococcus faecium....................................3.5 x 106 CFU/lb



High-quality fat
The fat sources utilized in WeightGainWise include rice bran, ground flax, and flaxseed oil. Fat does not cause the hindgut imbalances that high levels of starchy/sugary grains will, reducing the risk of grain overload and the dangers it presents. Once digested, fat is utilized without producing the extreme hormone spikes known to negatively affect temperament and glucose metabolism. Horses require a certain amount of fat in the diet to properly digest fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K.


Fats contain 2.25 times the energy of equivalent carbohydrates or proteins. Supplementation with fat can reduce the amount of starchy/sugary grains needed in the diet. By decreasing meal size and offering a diet rich in fat and fiber, horses become less prone to colic, laminitis, and insulin resistance-related disorders. Smaller meal sizes are also more attractive to picky eaters.


Fat is an excellent energy source for performance horses. Research has proven that fat is a superior energy source when compared to high-starch grains. Scientific studies have shown that, during strenuous exercise, horses fed fat had lower lactic acid levels and lower heart rates than horses fed high-starch feeds. Because lactic acid causes muscle fatigue, horses fed fat had improved stamina and subsequent shorter recovery periods after exercise.


In broodmares, studies have shown that mares in good condition and positive energy balance (those who are not skinny or losing weight) have higher conception rates.


Growing horses raised on high-fat, high-fiber, low-starch diets exhibit a lower incidence of developmental orthopedic disease.


Direct-fed microbials
Direct-fed microbials help to balance the GI tract, producing a hindgut environment that encourages beneficial bacteria to grow. When beneficial bacteria flourish, the digestive tract operates at an optimal level, digestion improves, immunity levels increase, and horses utilize their feed more efficiently.

Lecithin is a beneficial fatty acid that aids digestion and encourages maximal absorption of nutrients. Lecithin also contains choline, a factor necessary in the production of acetylcholine. As a neurotransmitter, acetylcholine is a critical component of the nervous system.



Wiser Concepts WeightGainWise

  • WeightGainWise is a calorie-rich, high-fat supplement designed to maintain optimal body weight and a healthy appetite.


    Product codes:

    • WeightGainWise powder 3.6kg (32 scoops): 137316 
    • WeightGainWise powder 9.1kg (80 scoops): 137317
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